Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Newbie

Hello, everybody. I don’t know why I made this blog, I ever said to myself (so long time ago) that I would never ever create a blog account. Almost all of my friends have it, that’s made me little……. yeah you know “Sanksi”. Phew, I don’t know how to say it in English. Ya, its make me said “Well, I don’t have enough time to spend my whole day in front of my laptop and create a story or some articles”. But, here I am now….  In front of my laptop and typing some words to greeting you all. 

Can I call it a little story? I’m not that smart to make a words… can I full this page with only say “blah blah blah”? 

I wanna tell you something, my mom is going to Singapore now. She said that she bought me some clothes, but she doesn’t want to tell me what kind of clothes and how it looks like. I’m so curious. But, relax… the first person I’m going to tell after I get it is you guys. 

Well, I’m so envy to my mother. How it could be that she is the first of my family members who is going to Singapore. She even hasn’t go to Bali yet! Ya, I know I am so cute daughter cruel and mean… relax, I am still love my mom so much! *wink*
She said that, she made a passport in Padang. Ya, my mom go to there with her friend. Oh my, I am so envy. I really wanna wanna wanna go there. Maybe I am gonna saving up my money from now on.

I think my page is going to full ‘cause of my unimportant story. Ok well, I think its enough today. I can see you all begin to yawning. Bye.

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